Amarant Niwa

A variety with higher health than Elsanta, with fruit suitable mainly for direct consumption. The variety bears fruit in the medium late period of traditional strawberry ripening.

Plants: are strong, produce many leaves, average number of stolons and seedlings.

Fruiting: the variety is characterized by high fertility. Compared to the standard varieties – Elsanta and Senga Sengana, a higher fruit yield was obtained (higher share of marketable yield and lower gray mold infection).

Fruits: very large or large, broadly conical in shape, hard, with delicate skin. They are very tasty and juicy. The largest fruits usually have an air chamber. They are also characterized by a higher content of antioxidants compared to the fruits of the 'Senga Sengana’ variety.

The variety is little susceptible to leaf diseases and root system diseases. Rich foliage and short inflorescences ensure that the plants are protected against frost. Increased sensitivity of plants to herbicides was also found, as in the case of the Elsanta variety.

From the experience and production trials carried out so far, it can be concluded that it can be a valuable variety both for desserts, especially on the local market, and for the production of concentrates (high extract content – 10.6% Brix). Due to the difficulty in separating the fruit from the stalk, this variety is less suitable for the production of frozen foods. It is recommended to cultivate in a single-row system with full protection of the fruit.