NT 140081

The wild strawberry flavor and aroma clone. A strong plant with a loose habit. The inflorescences grow along with the leaf level.

It fruits in the mid-early term of ripening. The yielding is quite high, for Elsanta and Malwina (in the experiment carried out by Kreage Company: Elsanta 950 g / plant, Malwina 1111 g / plant, clone NT140081 yielded 1044 g / plant).

The fruits have an elongated, characteristic „icicle” shape, their taste and aroma resembles wild strawberries. They are large at the beginning of harvest and medium at the end, bright red with a delicate skin.It can be grown in various technologies in the field and under coverings (in soil and on the tables in the artificial ground).

Disease and frost resistance: plants are healthy, but can be sensitive to low temperatures, so they should be covered for the winter.

The fruit can be used in specialized production, such as yoghurts, ice-creams, confectionery, and because of the high content of dry matter, as fruit for freeze-drying. This method is used to obtain the dried fruit with good sensory values, high aroma retention and unchanged nutritional value in relation to the raw material, which is particularly important in the production of healthy food.