Maryna ( NR 1716009 )

The clone submitted for legal protection under the name 'Maryna,’ is currently awaiting name approval. The shrub exhibits moderate growth, with thornless and stiff branches. It follows a recurring fruiting pattern, with fruit ripening at the end of June on two-year-old canes and in mid-September on current-year canes. The yield is at a high level. The fruits are exceptionally large, with an average weight of 7.2g – 7.3g, showcasing an elongated shape. They possess high quality and post-harvest durability. The clone demonstrated low susceptibility to fruit rot. The extract content is remarkably high at 13% Brix, and the fruits are described as very tasty. The clonal variety could be use for a dessert variety designed for tunnel cultivation, optimized for a double harvest of fruits. Co-financed by the project POIR.01.01.01-00-0459/19