Jagna ( NR 1811401 )

Primocane clone/variety. Registered for COBORU legal protection under the name 'Jagna’, awaiting approval of the name. It grows vigorously, the shoots are thornless and have a stiff shape. The fruit ripens on 2-year-old shoots, at an early date, at the end of June and in mid-September on this year’s shoots. Yields are high. The fruits are very large (average weight 6.1 g – 6.30 g), elongated in shape, characterized by the highest quality and post-harvest durability. Maple is not very susceptible to fruit rot. The extract content is high: 12.4% Brix, sweet fruit, very tasty. The maple is characterized by high resistance to blackberry diseases. Purpose of the maple: dessert variety for general use in tunnels and field cultivation without covers.

Co-financed by the project POIR.01.01.01-00-0459/19