Alfa Centauri

The latest Polish variety with attractive fruit. The variety entered into the Register of Varieties and the Book of Exclusive Rights in 2009.

Author: Jan Danek

The plants have an average growth rate, a spreading or slightly erect shape, and are quite dense. They produce many runners, inflorescences and flowers. Fruiting: very fertile, late dessert variety. Currently, it is the latest Polish variety – full ripening usually occurs in the second decade of July.

The fruits are large, uniform in size and shape, heart-shaped. They are bright red, shiny, with delicate skin, but not very susceptible to fire. The flesh is light, pink and creamy, with a delicate, pleasant taste and smell. The air chamber is medium in size.

Disease resistance: fruit susceptibility to rot is average. Under unfavorable conditions, plants may be infected by red leaf spot and powdery mildew, as well as by the strawberry mite.

It should be emphasized that this is an intensive variety, requiring optimal growing conditions, including establishing a plantation using healthy seedlings, full protection of plants against diseases and pests, high-culture soil, mulching with straw, and optimal supply of plants with nutrients and water.

Once the above conditions are met, mainly due to the late ripening of the fruit, their high quality and high fertility, it may prove to be a source of success in strawberry cultivation.