Alfa Centauri

Alfa Centauri is the latest Polish strawberry variety with attractive fruits. Plants exhibit moderate growth, with a spreading or slightly upright habit, quite densely packed. They produce numerous runners, inflorescences, and flowers. This is a dessert variety that bears fruit abundantly, in a late season, currently being the latest Polish variety – full ripening usually occurs in the second decade of July. The fruits are large, uniform in size and shape, heart-shaped. They are bright red, glossy, with delicate skin that is resistant to bruising. The flesh is light, pink-cream, with a mild, pleasant taste and aroma. The air cavity is of medium size. The susceptibility of the fruits to rot is moderate. Under unfavorable conditions, the plants may be affected by red leaf spot, powdery mildew, and strawberry mites. It is important to emphasize that this is an intensive variety, requiring optimal growing conditions. This includes establishing the plantation with healthy seedlings, providing full plant protection against diseases and pests, maintaining well-cultivated soil, mulching with straw, and ensuring optimal nutrient and water supply. Once these conditions are met, mainly due to the late ripening of the fruits, their high quality, and abundant yield, Alfa Centauri can prove to be a source of success in strawberry cultivation.