Primocane variety, suitable for double cropping. Fruiting in mid August on primocanes and in June on floricanes.


It is very vigorous variety. Under tunnel, strong canes reach 3 m height. Canes bend under the weight of fruit require additional supports. Fruiting on the top 1,5 m part of primocane and bottom 1,5 m floricane.


Bright red, colour doesn’t darken – no overripe apperance!

Easy to harvest by hand

Excelent flavour. This variety has a genetic tendency to high Brix without negative impact on shelf life

Oustanding of shelf life (8-9 days in 5C)

Suitable for fresh market and for transporting some distance

Odmiana Termin dojrzewania Plon (kg) Średnia masa owocu (g) Ekstrakt (Brix%)
Polka 22.08 1,0 4,3 12,0
Delniwa 6.08 1,0 5,0 13,3
Husaria 24.08 1,5 8,5 11,0