HUSARIA is a primocane variety, designed for commercial cultivation with a focus on dessert-quality fruits. The plant is characterized by very vigorous growth (reaching a height of 3 meters in tunnel cultivation) and requires strong support structures. On this year’s stems, the fruiting segment comprises approximately 1/3 of the stem length. The remaining part bears fruit in the following year, yielding a substantial harvest of about 25 tons/ha. The fruits are large and very large (average weight 8 g), light-colored with a glossy appearance, cone-shaped, and delicious (extract content 13%). They detach easily from the receptacle even in the early stages of ripeness. The fruits are firm and dry, exhibiting good post-harvest durability and not darkening after harvest. The high quality of the fruits and the very large yield, especially from two-year-old stems, make this variety suitable for cultivation under cover for two harvests and allow for harvesting from „long cane” type plants. Experiences from open-field cultivation suggest that Husaria can also be utilized in this technology. On plantations pruned after fruiting, harvests begin at the end of August and last until the first frost. The high frost resistance of the stems enables cultivation for fruiting on two-year-old stems. However, it should be noted that in such cases, autumn fruiting may occur relatively late (second half of September). The variety is sensitive to excess water and susceptible to raspberry root rot caused by Phytophthora rubi.
Odmiana Termin dojrzewania Plon (kg) Średnia masa owocu (g) Ekstrakt (Brix%)
Polka 22.08 1,0 4,3 12,0
Delniwa 6.08 1,0 5,0 13,3
Husaria 24.08 1,5 8,5 11,0