HEBAN is a purple raspberry that surpasses even the black raspberry Jewel in antioxidant capacity. It was submitted for temporary legal protection in December 2019. The shrub has vigorous growth, producing few suckers from the root. Both young and older stems are covered with numerous, strong thorns. Fruit ripening occurs at the end of August on one-year-old stems (1/3 of the stem) and in mid-June on two-year-old stems. The fruits are medium-sized (3.5-4.0 g), dark purple with a glossy appearance, cone-shaped, and very tasty. They exhibit higher antioxidant capacity compared to the black raspberry Jewel (higher content of the DPPH antioxidant index). The content of ascorbic acid is higher than in the Jewel variety (respectively: 254.1 mg/100 g and 177.6 mg/100 g). Usefulness of the variety: suitable for fresh consumption as a dessert variety and for processing. Disease susceptibility: the plants are healthy, with low susceptibility to stem and root diseases.