Red, glossy fruit cultivar which retain their unique flavor throughout the whole harvest period. General Delniwa is usable variety, for the fresh market and for processing.

Shrub: middle growth, produces a dozen or so erect shoots

Fruitage: primocane fruiting is cumulative, early (the end of July/the beging of August). Yield is higher then Polka (approx. 15 ton/ha), produces big (7 g), red glossy, firmness fruits, most of all, vary taste.

Furthermore, shel life is good, fruits don’t darken after the harvest and they are resistant to transport. Thease features make the raspberry attractive for the dessert fruit market.

The architecture of the shrubs, exposed fruit and easy detachement from the receptacle allows of the mechanical harvesting. Delniwa is characterized by a high percentage of dry matter, so it can also be used for the production of high-quality lyophilizates. Among red raspberry varieties, Delniwa is characterised by the highest antioxidant capacity, measured by FRAP, DPPH indicators and the high content of polyphenols and vit. C. It could be promoted as the super fruit, which should be permanently included in a diet that increases resistance viruses and cancer.