An early variety, with sweet and firm fruit resembling forest blackberries. Assessed under number R145301, 2020, submitted for legal protection and to the National Register of Varieties. The originally proposed name Gloria was replaced by the name Glorniwa.

Author of the variety: Dr. Agnieszka Orzeł

  • Shrub: shoots of medium growth, thornless
  • Fruiting: bears fruit on two-year-old shoots, early – in the ground in mid-July, and in the tunnel in the second half of June
  • Fruit: large (average weight 7.2 g, max 10.5 g), shiny, sweet (extract content 12% Brix), tasty with a characteristic forest flavor. They do not have a tart and sour taste even when they are not fully ripe. High
  • firmness guarantees good post-harvest durability. Moreover, Gloria fruits are not very susceptible to blackberry color reversion.
  • Disease resistance: the first observations indicate lower susceptibility to blackberry eczema and blackberry anthracnose.
  • Usefulness of the variety: dessert variety. Suitable for cultivation in the ground and in tunnels for early harvest. Due to its large, tasty fruits, it can also be used in amateur fruit production.

Research carried out at the Faculty of Pharmacy of the Jagiellonian University shows that the clone NR145301 (’Glorniwa’) was characterized by a higher antioxidant capacity and polyphenol content than the Loch Tay variety, therefore it can be classified as the so-called „super fruit”.