Niwa Berry Breeding Company had created by the group of enthusiasts engaged in the realization of projects with obtaining new varieties of berry plants.

The challenge undertaken by the company is the response to the growing social demand for varieties adapted to the climatic conditions in Poland, with high-quality fruit, high health values ​​and an optimized production technology.

Niwa is the only private breeding company in Poland with such a wide range of activities. The breeding program developed by Niwa is the largest in Europe in terms of the number of berry plant species, developed seedlings and crosses in the year. As part of its activities, the company cooperates with many growers from Poland and abroad to test clones at the highest selection stage.

Niwa also cooperates with research unites, improving its own competencies and possibilities in the conducted research. The results are published in popular science and scientific journals and at industry conferences. As part of our commercial activities, we offer the highest quality nursery material of our own varieties.

We cordially invite you to submit orders for plants of varieties:

blackberry: Gloria

raspberry: Delniwa, Jantar, Heban

strawberry: Amarant,  Alfa Centauri

Niwa conducts research that aim at obtaining new varieties also under the programs co-financed by the European Union.