Sweet eating, firmness blackberry variety with wild flavour


Variety breader: Agnieszka Orzeł

Plant: tornfree, medium growth

Fruiting: floricane, early fruiting – midle July in the ground and about 20 th June under tunnel

Big fruit (average mass 7,2 g, max 10,5 g), glossy, sweet (12% Brix), tasty with characteristic wild flavour. Immature fruit hasn’t  tart tast. Good firmness causes good shelf life. Gloria fruits are not very susceptible to red reversion

Disease resistance: preliminery obserwations indicate a lower susceptibility to blackberry mite and blackberry anthracnose

Usfulness: for fresh market. It is usefull for ground and tunel cultivation for early fruiting. Due to big, tasty fruits this variety could be usefull for amateur production, too.

The research carried out at the Faculty of Pharmacy of the Jagiellonian University shows that the clone NR145301 (‚Gloria’) was characterized by a higher antioxidant capacity and the content of polyphenols of the ‚Loch Tay’ variety, therefore it can be classified as „Super fruit”

Table 1. Chemical composition of the studied breeding clones and the Loch Tay cultivar. Niwa Brzezna 2019.

breeding clone
FRAP antioxidant 30 min. (mmol Fe +2/100g fresh mass)

(mg cyanidin-3-glucoside/100 ml fresh juice)

(g gallic acid/100g
dry mass)


32,0 70,17 3,14
Loch Tay 27,3 68,58 2,66

 Research done by Mirosław Krośniak at the Jagiellonian University