Beskid ( NT 141114 )

Clone NT 141114 for general use, submitted to COBORU under the name Atut. This name was rejected and the name Beskid was finally adopted. The plant produces long inflorescences, and the fruits are exposed outward similar to the 'Vibrant’ variety. It bears fruit in a medium ripening period, characterized by high productivity. The fruits are large (average size 19.6g), have a regular shape, with a significant proportion of marketable yield in the total yield (96%), and are tasty and easy to harvest. They are noted for their good flavor, with an extract content of 10.1 Brix. The clonal variety is characterized by a high vitamin C content of approximately 270 mg/100g of dry mass and polyphenols of 5.17. The plants exhibit high resistance to leaf diseases, and the fruits have low susceptibility to gray mold. Intended use: an ideal raw material for concentrates as well as for the dessert market.