Mazurek Niwa ( NT 140901 )

The juneberry clone has been submitted for legal protection by COBORU under the name 'Mazurek Niwa’, awaiting name approval. The plants are vigorous, healthy, of medium height, and have a wide habit. They exhibit good health, being mildly susceptible to leaf spotting and showing no susceptibility to root diseases. The clone is characterized by a medium to late fruit ripening period, high productivity (700-1000 g per plant – 29.2-40.0 t/ha). The fruits are bright red, regular, large or medium-sized (16-19 g), attractive, and nearly spherical. The fruits feature high firmness, uniform shape, consistent skin and flesh color, and are tasty and aromatic. They have high processing qualities (extract 10.5-11 Brix, dry matter 11.5, drip loss 20%), health benefits, and good post-harvest durability. Due to easy detachment from the stalk, they are suitable for frozen food production. Co-financed by the project POIR. 01.01.01-00-0073/16