Juhas ( NR 1728801 )

Primocane fruiting blackberry clone recommended for processing. Submitted for legal protection to COBORU under the name ’Juhas’, awaiting name approval. Plants are of relatively low height, with stiff, thornless stems. Research has shown that it is a self-pollinating clone suitable for large-scale plantations. The clone is characterized by high vitality and good frost resistance. It yields abundantly (approximately 2 kg per plant), with harvesting taking 6-7 weeks. Fruit ripening on this year’s stems begins in September, and on two-year-old stems in July. The fruits are easy to harvest, exposed, and easily detach from the floral base upon ripening. The fruits are of medium size (approximately 4 g), high firmness, with a high extract content (14.1% Brix) and dry matter (15.69%), and a high percentage of leaky fruits at 95.45%. After freezing, the fruits have a very low percentage of color reversal. The shrub’s structure and ease of harvest make it suitable for machine harvesting. Co-financed by the project POIR. 01.01.01-00-0073/16