A variety with better health than Elsanta with fruits that are mainly used for direct consumption


Medium time of ripening

Plants are strong, form a lot of leaves and average numbers of runners and seedlings

Fruitage: high fertility variety. A higher fruit yield was obtained in comparison with standard varieties – Elsanta i Senga Sengana (higher of the commercial yield and less gray mold infestation). 

Fruit: are very big or big, broad conical shape, firm, with a delicate skin. Thay are tasty and juicy. The bigest fruits have usually hollow. Thay caracteristic They are also characterized by a higher content of antioxidants compared to the fruit of Senga Sengana variety. 

The variety is not very susceptible to leaf diseases and root system diseases. Rich foliage and short inflorescences keep plants protected against frost. The plants’ sensitivity to herbicides was also increased, as was the case with the Elsanta variety.

From the previous experience and production trials it could be concluded that it can be a valuable dessert variety, especially on the local market, and for the production of concentrates (high extract content – 10.6% Brix). This variety is less suitable for the production of frozen food due to the difficult remove calyx from the fruit. It is recommended to cultivate in a single-row system with full protection of the fruit.